Explosive Pixel Split

Hello all… explosivepixelgames.com will be going down soon. RedRevenge, Comrade Cynic/ uCabbage, and I are splitting apart. We have all decided we have different desires and needs and we feel splitting apart may be best.

Rajminster (me) will now become sole owner of Explosive Pixel and I will create a new domain for the company. Cabbage will move onto full involvement with Boring Games. RedRevange (Tom) will be forming his own group.

Will there be no more collaborative efforts by us? Absolutely not. We may still work together in the future, but now since we are not in the same group, we are not obligated to. We feel this gives us all the freedom we want. We will build up separately.

I wish my former partners the best of luck and I look forward to a bright future for all of us.

-Rajminster, CEO of Explosive Pixel Studios Inc.